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Aevarrian Coliseum 2

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Get ready to battle in the Aevarrian Coliseum for the 2nd time. Aevarrian Coliseum 2 is a sequel of Aevarron's Coliseum, a medieval fighting game revolving around the Kingdom of Aevarria. Soundtrack by Tamugaia Orchestra.

Fight through the storyline in Story Mode, fight a friend or practice in Versus Mode, see how good you are in Gauntlet Mode and win titles and badges in season mode.

[Before Reviewing]
Any troubles, please run through the FAQ in "How To Play" first. Answers might be there. If you still have trouble, then email me directly. Please don't ask in the review, cause perhaps I would miss it. I would like everyone to have fun!

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I played this as a kid and have fond memories of it. Well, most of it. The one bad memory I have of this game is the final boss. The final boss is so damn annoying. Only one of it's moves (the beam one) is telegraphed and he constantly spams his spinning attack. Seriously, sometimes the instant the match starts, he's already spinning towards you and once he beat me by spamming the spin attack and hitting me with it each time I tried to get up.

It took me about half an hour to beat it. Mind you, I was playing on the easiest difficulty. I played as Dohn and basically won by alternating between (a.k.a spamming) the jumping punch and low punch and prayed he didn't interrupt with the spin.

I love this game but the final boss is just as frustrating as I remember from my childhood.

much better than the first one.
but it has cheap voice acting.
and characters are not that many.
say pal, this game is still great.
love, <3 idonothing1

A major improvement from the the first, although it still has a long way to go to be a proper fighting game. It's way too oriented around spamming attacks. Combos are non-existent. Nothing in this game really stood out like the previous. The music was nice. Perhaps add a way to view CPU vs CPU fights in season mode? The CPU was better than the last game.

I liked it. It just needs more work. If you ever bother to make a third game, this series of yours has a lot of room for improvement ( & potential). It may have done well on other sites, but NG isn't like other sites.

Why was there never an Aevarrian 3?

I love how the creator of this game just replies to bad reviews by defending everything and acts like his game is 100% perfect. The game is good, for 2007, but like almost everyone else is saying, it's just spamming. If spamming works, it doesn't matter what else works, because spamming is enough.

josh-tamugaia responds:

Thanks for spending time typing this review. I do not think the game is 100% perfect, and I apologize if you feel any of my responses to other reviewers imply to you that way. In future, I will try to be nice to the bad, false and even abusive reviews or ignore them altogether. Even though this old game is not getting much here on Newgrounds, it has managed to obtain millions of plays on other websites on the Internet and I am grateful for that.