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Chrono Trigger Unglued 12

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Crono once more continues his quest to escape his wrongful imprisonment into Guardia Dungeon. Last time his cat tried to help, but really wasn't all that much help at all. Maybe this time he can do better. But wait, who's this in the Guillotine?


- I'm not entirely sure where Cryo is these days. But he has told me to go on without him. There's enough of his script for the next 5 episods, I think. But after that it's going to have to be all me. I know some of you really hate me. Live with it.

- Sorry for the delays, I shall commit Seppuku to make ammends. I intend to not let this happen again.

- We have a new website at: http://www.ultrapublicati ons.com/CTU

- The person who made the song in the credits can be contacted on AIM at Mystik3eb or e-mailed at Mystik3eb@gmail (Dan "Mystik" Scannell is a night-owl and isn't online before 1am EST at least).

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Dude, cool sh+t and all, but i want to know where I can download that awesome song at the bonus scene.

Clovis15 responds:

I apologize for the really late response. You can find the song here: http://www.ultrapublications.com/ctu/extras/ChronoTriggerUnglued.html

I had a feeling that Mario would be chosen next...lol...


Clovis15 responds:

It's-a me, Mario!

The song that never ends

I had to join newgrounds just to be able to comment on this.

I'm a bit sad I didn't know about CTU sooner! It's amazing! Though I'm only on episode 12 now XP Great job on it! I can't stop laughing XD Dialog: 10, plot: 10, Character development/personalities: 10 etc... I can't find a flaw yet. Love the bonus scenes you guys add X3 Keep up the amazing work!

Here a funny experience. I was actually just sleeping a bit ago... But I had forgotten to shut off my laptop and my cat was laying on the keyboard so it started to make that obsessive 'dinging' noise... So I woke up and got my cat off and noticed I didn't close this episode(it was on the title screen playing the Muppet song), so I closed the window...But the song was still playing... I couldn't to get it to shut off for a good 5 minutes, my laptop refused to turn off. Lolz.

Hope the short story made you laugh, because it's the sad truth that I am now stuck humming that song to myself as we speak. Now then, episode 13 then sleep! Keep up the good work! Night.

Clovis15 responds:

Mahna Mahna! (Doot-doo-de-doo-doo!)

Thanks for sharing the story, I'm also glad to hear that you're enjoying the series.


bonus song sums up the whole series

Clovis15 responds:

If you like the bonus scene song, you can download an updated version of it from the CTU homepage.


It seems like you just never had a bad submission under the Chrono Trigger Unglued title. This was fun because of the funny sound effects. I loved hearing the Muppet noise at the beginning as well as the ending music. It is too bad Jaspar had yet to be introduced into the series. Still a good watch, because it had a lot of good humor, especially when Fritz entered the story. It was funny how you had to click on the shiny thing because it was so frigging obvious!

Well, I guess that was the joke. It seems like there could still be some more action scenes put in, because I do kind of expect that. The humor is good, but it is a parody of "Chrono Trigger" after all. It's amazingly how consisently you guys have made this long running series. It was weird to see Lucca on the title screen but not the cartoon itself.

Clovis15 responds:

I'm glad you liked it, and thank you so much for your kind words. I will admit that CTU isn't very battle driven, but there is a nice fight scene in Episode 15 with the Dragon Tank. There will also be a major action event in the upcoming Episode 24 (or possibly 25, it depends on how the writing works out). As for the title screen, that's actually Jenny (an original creation of CTU). Jenny was originally meant to first appear in this episode, but the flashback where Fritz explained how he couldn't possibly tell how young she was eventually got bumped back into the next episode.