Reviews for "Chrono Trigger Unglued 12"


I think some of the previous works were better but I'm a big fan of the series and gave you a 5 to keep it goin, great work man

Cynical Hilarity Strikes Again

I'm friends with the creators of this series, so you may call me biased. But I didn't become friends with them until after I became familiar with this series, and from the moment I started watching them, I was in love.

At Ep 11, Clovis came along and helped revive the ailing series since Cryokenetic was lacking enough time to really focus on making them anymore, and I'm aware that alot of people didn't like the addition. I can vouch for both of them, however, that they're both talented and very funny, and that people need to understand that Clovis didn't "ruin" the series at all. If anything, he's given it a breath of freshness and life and has added his own level of hilarity to it. Once people can get past the ridiculous "OMG IT'S SOME D00D THAT'S NOT CRYO ANIMATING THIS SUX" mind-set, everyone will release this series is as good now as it's ever been.

This episode, though shorter, definetely has it's moments, what the return of clickies (in HUGE doses) and key one-liners that crack you up. Props to Clovis and Cryo for another well-done episode of the best flash series ever.

And MAJOR thanks to Clovis for being an awesome guy and supportive of me for many things, including this theme song.

hehehe.... nice to see that you're actually alive!

It may have been a good ten months since you last updated this series, but its nice to see that you decided to come back to this sucker! As always..... well, the graphics suck, but who cares?! The plot was just as funny as always, and the search for the key scene was a great way to bring the fans into the work..... though the extra was sorta weak, to be honest.

Keep up the great work...... though hopefully you'll be able to release XIII before the end of the year!