Reviews for "Chrono Trigger Unglued 12"


Not that you taking over has killed the project or anything, its the ton of references outside of chronotrigger that were not in the first 10 episodes and seem to be totally in control of the last two. I understand you like promoting your flash game there, but comeon. The music, jokes, and concept of the series changed from strictly the story (first 10 episodes) to a random epidemic of cliched jokes (last two episodes). Not to mention the change to the font and text bubbles which is really questionable because its way much more harder to read and an eyesore compared to his style.

I understand that he has left because he doesn't have time anymore, and its not your fault and you wanted to take over the project, and thats ok. But not to be an ass or anything, but the series was over at 10 unless you go back to the concepts and ideas that were originally centered around when he created the project. It won't matter what I say anyway, but I want to thank Cryo for the first 10 episodes that made me laugh and wanting more.

Oh and another thing. The ytmnd references. Made me puke upon just clicking on this flash.

Clovis15 responds:

Understand this Mr. Thinks-He-Knows-Everything. Cryo wrote the script for those episodes, and even the secret scenes as well. Cryo's script won't even come close to running out for at least 3-4 more episodes (and the secret scene of at least Episode 13 is also by him). Only after they get to the future can you even begin to insinaute I am the writer (and that's only if Cryo doesn't keep his promise mentioned further down). Stuff like the Bill & Ted reference were CRYO's idea (I've never even watched the movie before). Also, Cryo himself was doing this new text bubble style before I finished the 1/4 complete Episode 11. Also, Cryo is a far larger YTMND fan than I am (he introduced me to it back before I took over).

Cryo never left the project, he just stopped animating. I have spoken to him since I put this episode up. He intends to keep writing so long as God let's him. You know, there are a lot more people who liked Episodes 11 and 12 than hated them.

Episode 13 should hopefully be done in the next two weeks now that I've finally gotten more time.

ONe of the best yet!

Lol. This is one the best movies here! I played Chrono Trigger and loved it! the best part was the chest part. Awesome Iron Maiden reference!

Paranoia Agent Theme song at the end?!

that theme song and that episode was hilarious hope the next one will come out soon!!!! :D

(( decent action ))

this was notbad some good looking sprites a decent story, allthough the file was abit up there, but besides that it was a fun story and good action flash, keep up the good work.

some different styles of characters would be nice, Try and compress the file size nobody likes a large movie some people dont even watch a large file, so in that aspect your draw away users from veiwing your work, so a little compression would improve on this.

decent sprites and fun action but needs some reduction of the file.


Its-a-me Mario

The bonus part was exelent! I knew Crono was emo xD He even started an emo band Oo