Reviews for "Chrono Trigger Unglued 12"


great continuation of chrono trigger i hope ill be seeing alot more episodes after this and episode 15 good luck in making more great episodes

It was ruined.

You had a great thing going till twiddle dee joined the picture. I used to like to imagine this as a walkthrough of Chrono Trigger that had very, very good humour along the way. Now you've got some wanna-be big-shot guy who apparently thinks he's some kind of hot potato with his little "PLAY MY GAME!" adverts and crappy side animation, so I'd say you've completely ruined the entire gig.

It feels more like a sponsorship sell out like DBGT, and many others I can't seem to pinpoint right now.

Don't even want to give anymore in this series the time of day. Peace out.

PS: I think it's more about what the fans like.. to say, that if you still want to say you're pulling the strings and it's not your little buddy's fault it sucks now, Hah, well, I guess you suck.

Clovis15 responds:

Which is funny, because 99% of the fans love Episode 15 which I wrote all by myself without Cryo's help. Many have called it the best episode ever. Have you seen it yet? Or ar you just an alt account for AMCOOLIO in an attempt to make yourself look like people are backing you up when you're really just one pathetic man posting under alts to make himself look good when his world is shattered and Cryo actually doesn't agree with him? Don't like Marathon, don't play the game. I don't care, the game is many years old now. I'm not advertizing it. Cryo told me to put it in because it's my signature of sorts. Without me, there wouldn't be any animation. Watch Episode fucking fifteen first before you make your final judgement, assuming you aren't just an AMCOOLIO alt.

A quick response to amcoolio

Hey it's Cryo.

I just wanted to leave a response to a recent review. There have been a few remarks similar to this one and although I've repeated this speil several times, I still want to make this clear.

I am still writing for CTU. Some of the changes are due to Clovis taking over as co-owner and animation head of CTU, but many of the changes are of my own volition. I personally approved each episode as well as did much of the writing for this episode.

I understand that there will be people who won't like the new directions CTU is taking, just as some people will love it. I appreciate that each person is going to have their own opinion and you are free to hate it if you see fit. But I just want to make it clear that I am on board for the new CTU episodes and Clovis is in no way "ruining my series". If anyone is doing that, it's me ^_^.

So long story short, CTU is still a conjunction between me and Clovis. There are bound to be changes, but I approve of the changes we are making and I'm humbly requesting people stop placing the blame on any personal dislikes of the new EPs on Clovis' shoulders. I have complete faith in his abilities and I think you will see that this combination of powers will pay off for the better in the long run.

- Cryo


ahh!... it appears that i missed reviewing Unglued 12 & 13.. oh well, i'll fix that up. i've seen both of them before, but they are still always great to watch again and again. the 'you did WHAT?' scene in this episode was nothing short of priceless and brilliant... highly original and extremely funny. i got one of the best laughs ever out of that one.

nice job!!

Clovis15 responds:

Thank you. I believe the record scratch leading to an absence of all music when Fritz dropped the bomb, followed up with Crono slowly back away from Fritz, really sold the moment. It's my favorite part of the episode too.

Great work as always!

You guys are friggin awesome. Don't listen to the naysayer beneith me. like always, you guys are an insperation to me and Sunrie for our animations and we hope you keep up the great work!