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SBC: Rise To Power

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Clock Day 2006 - Strawberry Clock: Rise To Power

Story and Actionscript by: Authorblues
Art and Animation by: Darkfire_Blaze

Help young StrawberryClock become the new King of the Portal by defeating the evil King Waid Flump.

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I thought this game was an excellent one because of the humor used in it. I love adventure games, and the laughs you provided made this even better! I may have skipped something, but what was the point of the Tom statue and the warriors? Are they going to be used in a sequal? I sure hope so, because this game really left me hanging. I liked how you included the other clocks in it too. It would be so cool to be featured in a game! Makes me kinda want to become a clock. Nonetheless, this is a great game. I'll recommend it to the Adventure Games collection. Keep up the great work!

Sweet game man.

That was very enjoyable the controls we're simple and it was like a little adventure game where you talk to others and gather info it was very interesting and i really got into it,great job. :)

How did I miss these?!

What a good game! Good graphics, smoothly animated movement, clever dialogue (that foreshadowing line, lol).
A classic item-swap clock game; very nice. I'm indifferent to the bg music; it fit but, I don't know...

dude that was cool

im glad u posted that in my thread on the bbs.Im surprised i liked this, cause i dont really like clocks The way you beat wade fulp was a little easy...an those final fantasy guys didnt really do anything..oh well :D great game, maybe make another RPG. Ill probably like it, clock based or not.


this is great

authorblues responds:

thanks ^^