Reviews for "SBC: Rise To Power"


This is a great game. I love the rpg style it had.

authorblues responds:

:D happy clock day 2006

hahaha, well done, guys :P

darkfire, i told you everything i will be saying in here, but since authorblues isn't on msn, i may as well review this :P

first off, the graphics. the art in this was minimalistic, but was still oozing with style. i really, really, really, really, really, really liked it :P

style: i covered this before, graphics-wise, but there are other things that i think fit under style. particularly, the humor. according to darkfire_blaze, authorblues, you wrote all of the stuff in here (except one joke he told me about). your sense of humor is very clever, witty, wry, subtle, but above all, funny. i'll go more in detail in the humor section.

sound: not much sound. i did like the music and the bell ringing o_o

violence: uh, i suppose waid flump FALLING TO HIS DEATH counts as violence. :P

interactivity: i did not find one bug. excellent work. also, the controls were easy and it was kept simple and fun. however, i do wish you included directions for the inventory in the instructions. when i obtained the yo-yo after i got the guard's uniform, i thought i lost it. but i moused over the arrow and ALAS, it worked.

humor: my god, i loved this aspect. nothing was really like "BLARGH, A JOKE!", it was all very subtle and very funny. i caught nearly all the jokes (except that "strawberryclock, you are one thrifty customer." one. i didn't notice the spongebob connection until darkfire_blaze pointed it out :P). the fact that you made me walk across the map multiple times for nothing would have frusterated many people, but i recognized your subtle attempt at humor, and it worked. i found it funny that i had to walk all that way for some stupid quest. this isn't sarcasm, by the way (: i liked how it referenced back-tracking in many games.
however, one thing really INFURIATED me (not really). i played through once without doing that phoenix down thing (would that count as an easter egg?), and dfblaze told me something special would happen. so i gave you the benefit of the doubt and totally replayed it. i gained a non-existant level. that kind of annoyed me, but i still found it funny because i did all that for nothing.

excellent job, you two. you ought to work on games more often (:

(by the way, mr. authorblues. may i have the honor of mustering a response from you on this humble review? :P)

authorblues responds:

glad you liked the humor. we have been talking about making an rpg for a while, and this was just a good excuse. expect this same engine being rehashed in a FULL game, complete with a bit of combat and experience systems.

congratulations for getting to level NaN. hahaha...

and i believe the term you are looking for is "garnering", such as "may i have the honor of garnering a response from you".

Wow! This was on 3 days of work?

That's incredible! I loved it, it was a great Clock Crew game.

authorblues responds:

glad you liked it

A really good clock day game!

~The Pros~

This flash was a really great clock day game. It was really interactive and fun to play. The graphics looked really good in this flash. They were done amazingly. Also the movement was pretty good as well. The backgrounds were incredible, and most of them being interactive which was good. I enjoyed how every different frame had something filling it up. The music was really good, and it fit the flash pretty good. This game was really interactive, which was really what made this game good. I like how you could talk to everyone that was in the game, and interact well with the buildings. I enjoyed the different side quest that you could do to get a ladder instead of using the tree. Also, there was a little bit of humor in this flash, which is always good.

~The Cons~

Honestley, I think that this game could have had a little bit more frames than it did, making it more expansive. Also, clock voices would have been a good asset to the flash during dialouge.

Overall, a really great clock day game which I enjoyed playing. I hope to see more great portal submissions from you!

5 out of 5

Fun game

I thought the game was really fun, one question, though. What's up with the golden Tom Fulp statue that has to do with a feather of some sort?

authorblues responds:

just a random non-sequitur...