Reviews for "SBC: Rise To Power"

Awesome Game

This game is bad ass, nicely written, cool story, looks great, I've added it to my favorites. I'll come back and finish once clock day settles down. Happy Clock Day!!!

authorblues responds:

happy clock day 2006


This is a great game. I love the rpg style it had.

authorblues responds:

:D happy clock day 2006


GODDAMNIT this is the best game ever!! Altough its pretty simple. I beat this in 10 minutes. But, its ok.

Happy Clock Day to you :D

authorblues responds:

glad you liked it. it was supposed to just be a fun teaser.

Loved it.

I really liked this. The gameplay was simple and easy to navigate; the art was tasteful and well-applied. Pat yourself on the back.

authorblues responds:

*pats* happy clock day 2006


Outstanding, amazing job.

I usually don't like games like this. I LOVED this one. It kept me enthralled, entertained, and I really wanted to get to the ending.

It was also funny in spots, which was kind of cool.

Again, GREAT work!

authorblues responds:

thank you so much, gamescool.
youre still my motherfuckin hero.