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CC Flash Jam

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It took all day for me yesterday for me to make this, but it was all worth it in the end. I am extremely happy this is my first flash. Music can be found YTMND.
Everybody wants to make a stupid flash but we're broke *ss n*gg*s and we ain't got no cash. So we lowered expectations and used a little thrift, found that we could still do crazy sh** with animated GIF.

GIMP up an image, make it look bad, add a seven second music loop and now you've got a fad. Now you've made your animation without the dollar hog, and all your friends are telling you that...

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lmao wut?

That was just plain out silly and full of nonsense but i really loved that song it was catchy and funny as all hell (especially the end) but the quality could use a lot of improvement cause i couldn't comprehend some parts but regardless i got a great laugh from this Clock short.


Great movie but one thing You could do is make another version of this.
Make it look prettier. Also, BreadClock Sounded funny, and SBC Sounded like a thug who has been smoking since puberty.

MetalDart responds:

I did make a better version of it. lol
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /393317


The graphics on the clocks besides StrawberryClock, were good. There wasn't really any animation though. You can add some animation of some sort. The music was really random but it was good. it matched a bit with the flash. You can add some violence and i know you tried to make this funny but it wasn't. Make it funnier because I didn't laugh. Just add these things and you will have a daily award.

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That was great..."You're the man now, dog!" That clinched it for me.
I'm starting to really like your flash movies!
Keep up the good work!

MetalDart responds:

Sorry I didn't respond earlier. I've been caught up with other flashes. D:

Thanks ofr all the kind words. Seeing how I've improved, this looks like crap. :P



where di u get teh music