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Reviews for "CC Flash Jam"

Great Flash

This was an amazing flash. It was to short though thats why I gave you the nine. This was also very funny you are quite talented with flash. Keep up the good work :D

MetalDart responds:

I'll try to make it longer next time. It's just that the song was short and I couldn't do anything about it. Oh well.
Thanks for the awesome review!


loved the music. the animation cloud of been longer though. still a great job.

MetalDart responds:

Thank you for the nice review! :D

Catchy song.

I didn't see too much that I liked on said day, so to be pointed to this was nice to see; a solid effort: produced a decent flash. May your future efforts be as effective. Also, nice graphics.

MetalDart responds:

Wow. I'm glad it stood out more than I thought. Thanks for the great review! :D

Hehehe, pretty good first flash!

I love the Preloader! The Clock Day Preloader is awesome! The music in this flash was funny and cool. It's kinda catchy in a weird way. The Art and Animation was good, better then some other Clock Day Flashes I have seen. The beginning part was funny, Jew, Fag, Emo, and Nerd. I am gussing I'm in the Nerd catergory. The ending was pretty cool, "You're the man now Dawg"! The bad thing in this flash was that it was a little too short but everything else was good. Overall, this flash was good and I enjoyed watching it. Good Work! Responses are gladly appreciated. :)

GRAPHICS: 7, They were good, ot the greatest but good.
STYLE: 7, I like the style in this flash, pretty creative.
SOUND: 8, Great Music and Good, funny voices.
VIOLENCE: 5, Bad words and stuff. lol!
INTERACTIVITY: 1, A Play Button.
HUMOR: 7, The Voices, Song, and Ending.
OVERALL: 7, Good Work Metaldart. :D


MetalDart responds:

No response for you. >:(
Thanks for the good score. :D

Made me laugh.

This flash was great. You really out did yourself on this one -MetalDart-! The graphics were great! You had a really nice variety of Clocks in this flash. The backgrounds were great as well. Nice style to this flash. Great music in this. The music was really fast, which made me laugh really hard! I didn't really like how it ended so abruptly. This flahsh really made me laugh for some reason. It was probably because this flash was so fast paced. Over all this is a great Clock Day flash! The graphics and music were awesome! It was also hilarious. Next time just make your next flash a lot longer. Good job making this flash man, keep up the good work!

MetalDart responds:

Awesome! THanks for the great review Hemlok! :D