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Reviews for "CC Flash Jam"

You're The Man Dog

Not bad. Good choice of song for clock day, with some funny animation. The only bad things are the graphics in places, (they're a bit shoddy/rushed) and the sound quality.


[Review Request Club.]

MetalDart responds:

Yeah, the graphics in some places were rushed. I think the thing I worked on most was Strawberry as Sean Connery.


^^Good Points^^
I really liked the music the best. I've never heard the song before, but the lyrics of it were quite funny, and it went along well with this movie. The ending was great too.

^^Needs Improving^^
The drawings are kind of crap in some places. Some things are really easy things to fix and probably just because you rushed things. Also, things moved really quickly, it was hard to follow sometimes.

Review Request Club.

MetalDart responds:

I loved the music as well. :)
As for the graphics, I did rush them. I only had one day to make the flash. XD

Congrats on your first flash dude!

I heard you even got front page for a few hours? Congrats.
That wasn't too shabby for a first flash either. It was original and the song was pretty good too. The drawings could have been better but I would say they were good enough.

Good work

MetalDart responds:

Thanks. :D
And no, I didn't get front page. :'(
(At least to my knowledge.)


...it cut off way to abruptly. The song was pretty cool, and I guess the graphics and style weren't bad. But, at the end, it cut off way to abruptly. I like the pre-loader, but what about a 'REPLAY' button? Good first flash, though. Happy Clock Day!


MetalDart responds:

I know, I think it ended too soon too. And why need a replay button, when it takes you right back to the beginning anyway?
Happy Clock Day indeed, but you are a day late. :P

Lol, fifen

That was a good first animation. You should be proud. Your off to a better start than most. Hell, it wasn't just a good first animation, it was at a level that some take a year or more to reach. Keep at it.

MetalDart responds:

Wow, that makes me feel really happy! :D
And yeah, I will probably keep making animation. It's so fun.