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Ryu vs MK: Goobers

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This here is the outtakes and other alternative endings that go along with the main animation. I started this back in December 2005, but due to uni work and lack of wanting to do this (don't get me wrong this isn't a rushed attempt) it took longer than I thought to finish. If you enjoyed the main animation, hopefully, you should enjoy watching this. If you haven't seen MK vs Ryu I suggest doing so do get any of this. Also having a slight knowledge of world politcs, just so not to confuse.


Always got to have a good outtake reel

Every great movie MUST have an outtake reel, and this one delivers.

CymruAmByth responds:

w00t4g3, thanks ye very much dude, there'll be a second movie to follow soon hopefully :).

Not too great.

My favorite part of this movie was you trying to get the sound to say Haggar but just having it say "haaaa"...that or you giving up and saying "MR T AND ZANGEIF..." But I digress, I liked the fact that there were so many different takes here, but some of the clips were unnecessarily long. AS in, you didn't have to show Haggar being punch before you introduced Mr. T. It's also in really poor taste to jokingly reffer to the bombing of Hiroshima, come on now. And lastly, for a mortal kombat spoof, where's the blood? MK without gore is like scorpian with no moves.

CymruAmByth responds:

lol, listen carefully and might actually be able to listen to the second syllable. I admit the whole nuking thing was in part in bad taste, but from saving it from total 'wtfness', and if Family Guy can do it, why can't I? And it was also Nagasaki that was atomic bombed, 3 days after Hiroshima. If only the americans invaded japan instead...Oh well, one can always ponder. Back to the topic in hand, I was trying not to make the outtakes too long, but at the same time trying to make sure they weren't too short either. As for the blood, well, let's just imagine that it's the SNES version of the first MK. No worries though, the second one will have blood though. Thanks for the review :D


that was pretty cool i guess

CymruAmByth responds:

um, thanks dude :)


cool!!!!!! i love the outakes!!!!! GOD THEY WERE SO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!
i like this its good.........no!!! great!!!!!

CymruAmByth responds:

Outtakes are teh greatness lololololololololololololololololololol


seriuosly, what's going on?

CymruAmByth responds:

only King Sir Rupert Murdoch I would have a clue what the hell's going on

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3.31 / 5.00

Jun 15, 2006
5:50 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody