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Reviews for "Ryu vs MK: Goobers"


Wow...that's some good ole fashion slap happy fun man! Making more of this stuff would make me happy for sure! You are an artist in the humor department and I love your work! Keep up that stuff and make more things like this!!! good work!!! :D

To add: MK and SF are freakin' awsome!!! Glad u used those games!

CymruAmByth responds:

I shall make more stuff, a sequel is in the works as I speak. Glad I made this entertaining for you man. I like to use politics in my huomour you see :)


I personally did not find this the least bit funny. Sorry.

CymruAmByth responds:

Fair enough man, you either love it or hate it, it's either funny or its not.

not funny not entertaining.

maybe you have to be a fan or something, but it just isn't funny...

CymruAmByth responds:

I think being fan and also having a slight knowledge of politics makes this good viewing or funny.

OMG !!!!

that was amazing thank you for the chance to laugh so hard i almost pissed my self keep up the good work

CymruAmByth responds:

I'm honoured to have been able to make you laugh so. Thanks very much man

WooT!!! all my 5 R belong to this!!!

HURRAY!!!! A perfect one for the day!! The best i've seen in the portal today and belive me i've sitted a while!! I could watch this forever man more material!!

CymruAmByth responds:

thanks very much fellow european metalhead :D. I'll do a sequel for this, not sure when I'll start making one though :S