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Reviews for "Ryu vs MK: Goobers"


thought it was jokes lol...but i have always been a fan of mk and street fighter...very good work

CymruAmByth responds:

lol...thanks very much. MK and SF are the shit :D

Lucky 7s...

well, I thought the intro was hilarious... He got beamed in the nads with a football. Classic.

The rest of it was pretty funny, although its misleading, I thought there would be an acutal movie first, but it went straight to Outakes and Alternative endings...

CymruAmByth responds:

thanks dude, I knew the football in the balls would catch everyone's eye :D. I'm sure I mentioned about there being an animation I done before this. I do kind of mention this in the description, after changing it :(.

I liked mr.t, but that was it.

There was to much cusing.

CymruAmByth responds:

I'm sorry you felt that way dude :(. I felt, because this was meant to be an animation not meant for kids I'd though I'd put some swearing in :)

Not another sprite flick!

But this one wasn't bad, kinda funny - plus I scored it on the high side because you're not English!

CymruAmByth responds:

YES, PRAISE, AND ALL BECAUSE OF MY LACK OF ENGLISHNESS!!!! w00t. But seriously, thanks for the comment anyways :)