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WTC: The Animated Series

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For the kids.

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Bin laden is dead!


People are so sensitive.

Personally, I feel the animation has very little merit on it's own, but I gotta give you props for putting it up. You really have to have balls to do something like that, and I appreciate that newgrounds allows people to express without censorship like that.

In case anyone's forgotten, like Stormy for example, there is a warning about offensiveness right at the beginning. This animation isn't the best, but it deserves more than a zero.

Just looked at the date you submitted this.

We have to laugh at tragedies like this, if we don't then all there is left to do is sit around feeling sorry for ourselves. Respect for making this so soon.
Hopefully one day we'll catch that filthy alkhiedan bastard!

I feel really uncomfortable now

...but that was the point, wasn't it?

I'd feel a little better about this whole thing, except for the fact that you posted it FIVE DAYS AFTER 9/11... you have a sick sense of humor, man.

*thumbs up*

Thats pretty awesome!! Im glad most people are finally getting over that shit.