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Reviews for "WTC: The Animated Series"


I'm from german, so i dont care what happend on this day(some people do, but nobody which i know lives there ;P )

i remember to this day only, cause my mom was telling my i should be sad about this think, my words to her was "who cares? not me"

the only think in this day i've do was to sing "It's raining man's"

(i'm not an violent person, i'm just cruel, crazy and a little bit freaky)

in fact: i like this movie =D

...Not bad

Graphics: 4 out of 10
I wasn't really all to impressed with this animation as far as graphics go. But it beats a stick cartoon anyday so I had to give some points for that.

Style: 10 out of 10
This has got to be the most ballsy animation I've ever seen on Newgrounds or even the entire net at that. Someone with the adasity to post an animation like this deseres at least some crdit.

Sound: 3 out of 10
As much as I hate "London Bridge is Falling", I thought it fit well with the animation and the other various sound effects, though not all that apealing to the ear, seemed to fit in alright. It wasn't impresive, but it was somthing.

Violence: 10 out of 10
Being that this animation was about 9/11 should say it all. Planes crashing, buildings crumbling, peaople dieing... Obviously.

Interactivity: 0 out of 10
No clicky of the mouse, no pressy of the keyboard, no nothing.

Humor: 2 out of 10
Now the tricky part. I'm not gona complain about this animation because the creator took the time to porperly forworn me. Though I do find 9/11 to be a serious matter, I was worned and my dry taste of humor forced me to continue. Even casting aside the fact it's making fun of 9/11, I didn't really find much to be humorous. The faces on the towers and planes did add a bit of humor to the animation but still left it dry. But there were dieing stick figures so I had to add another point for that. Who doesn't like stick figures dieing? It's Newgrounds for God's sake!

Overall: 5 out of 10
Basicly, I definently find this flash offencive. But as I said before, everyone has a clear warning before watching the film. The animation isn't bad and the sound has some deacent points to it but the humor is a little dry. Overall I would say this is a half-assed-animation, but it will definently grab your atention, weather you find it offensive or not.

You're such a bastard.

You give them a warning. Right there, before anything else. It's right in your face, there's no way you could miss it. It very clearly tells you what the video is about, and guarantees that you could very easily be offended by it. The movie doesn't start right away, you have the option to press the button.

So, why do people bother telling you how offended they were from the movie? Obviously, you already knew they would be. And you went out of your way to tell them beforehand. Yet they willingly chose to watch it, in spite of the warning.

I'm not saying they shouldn't be offended, because it's perfectly logical to be. But they don't have any right to complain. You didn't force them to watch the movie. You didn't say it was about some other random topic in order to trick them into watching it. They knew what it was about, they were told they would be offended, they willingly did something they knew would offend them.

But I think I'm repeating myself now.

Personally, I thought it was entertaining. The art was very well done too.

But, if you really want to start offending people, do something on religion. You'll never hear the end of it.


I love all the little bitches who are complaining about this... I love it. I think we need to start laughing, before we lose our sense of humor and become exactly what we hate. This movie is a great example of it. And it's even more humorous that the idiots would continue to watch even after the completely obvious warning at the begining. Keep up the good work, and piss more people off!

It kinda took a while to sink in...

...and then i found it really funny, im still smiling while writing this, as well as being funny you have to get points just for uploading this,
The music was probably the best part, it just put a childish spin on such a sensative topic, nice work!
And the word "series"? gonna have a follow-up?