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Reviews for "WTC: The Animated Series"

Cool crap

I hate all these stupid piece of crap people that are so weak, they can't take anything that makes fun of something bad. Jesus Christ, what's the big deal if someone wants to laugh at a bad thing that happened? All you stupid people who hate this movie are winy pussies. Besides, before the movie played, it had a warning on it for people who wouldn't like it. If you hated it so much, you should have known you would in the first place and not watched it. It was a good movie.

Now this is good.

Some day, when I have kids, I will show them this movie. Great humor, and fuck everyone who cries about how tasteless and horrible making fun of that day is. That said, good ol KyusakuNatsume can suck a dick. I fail to see how this movie "Make some fun out of american:)". Fag. I hope you drive your civic, toyota, whatever small engined shit you drive off a cliff and into hell with the people who flew those planes into the WTC. No county gets more shit talked about them than the good ol' U.S. of A. That's the price that comes along with being the best I guess. I hate NY, I hate our government, but I will always defend this country from some jap who feels like talking shit about it.

Very funny

Americans are always making fun out of other countries and cultures, now lets make some fun out of american :)
Pretty hilarious


that was so goddamned funny...shit man....that was just too damn great

It's Funny But....

you should know that there is a special place in hell for you.but then again there might be one for me for laughing at it.i can't help it;it was funny.God, please forgive me.