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Reviews for "WTC: The Animated Series"

Ohshit you made my day.

I'm not joking, I laughed out loud at the end. It was mean, horribly politically wrong, but incredibly childish and funny. People falling down the building.. lol.

ok i give you a fair review

Graphics: Good drawing and animation

Style: well i must say no one has had the balls to post somthing like this

Sound: really shitty song (i really hate that song)

Violence: Oh yeah seeing the people jump out of the tower has it came down counted as violence

Humor: (OK vent time) Maybe to some sick assholes this would be considered funny...thank god im not one of them. This is a movie that i as an american find completly offencive to the families and memories of the people who died on that day. I do belive that we handled it in the aftermath a bit immaturely and if you want to make fun of people for that im all for it (hell ill most likely end up laughing at them as well). i gave this a zero cause it not only did it not make me laugh...i pissed me off so much that i really ended up having to right this review. Do yourself a favor and dont make fun of 9/11 in a pubic setting for your own safety because i can almost garrentee that you would end up having your head kicked in but about 10 people on the spot. I dont consider you a terrorist as some other reviews have called you. I just consider you a person with a very sick sense of humor.

Overall: 7/10 despite my personal feelings i gave this a 7/10 due mostly to the animation and style of the movie. the only peice of advice i can giveyou is dont do movies on sujects that you know are going to piss people off.


That would've been hysterical had you detailed it more. But considering you had the balls to post that pwnage, gj.


this was funny i know the 9-11 inccident is tragic but sometimes u have to look at stuff from funny side it makes the inncedent seem alot more better good work

p.s. all those people who sufferd a loss at 9-11 im sure the maker of this falsh is very sorry and i am too but he did warn u before you watched this flash

Nothing wrong with laughing at that

My British mind is unaffected by America's problems, sometimes the only thing you can do after bad stuff is laugh at it (like the holocaust).

good flash, it is nice to see less serious flashes about 9/11 not like the other boring ones. Bin laden should still face justice for what he did though.