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Another Day Seven

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Greetings - long time no see!

Dim here, with the brand new episode in the Another Day Series.
Original song, "Biography" by "The Release".

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Full credits can be found in the AD7 preloader menu.

Movie stats:
]] FPS - 12
]] Window size - 550 x 430 (to include the movie control buttons)
]] Production time - Over a year! but not really.
]] Run time - 5 minutes
]] Recommended quality - Medium

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I was quite impressed by how dark this got. At first, I was confused by the song. It didn't seem to suit the style. It then got more obvious. Well, it is all a dream. It's still quite effective.

I'm quite impressed by this squiggle vision. I think it's an example of that. Again, the song is great. It's sad how I see more of these cartoons being removed from the website. So much stuff is missing nowadays.

from the series so far, this also is my favorite episode too, i like the dream like setting, i mean, who never got weird dreams like this before? Also i saw the thumnail of this animation and i though the blue rabbit was holding like some sort of gun, why? i don't know, also im starting to think this animation is inspired by the game you guys made, right?

Not blown away but it keep me wanting more :D.

I LOVE this series, really well drawn!! (seriously thinking of getting a Wacom tablet...!) anyway, i have a couple of questions...
1. what wacom pad do you have??
3. how do you animate on wacom(s)? (im a beginner, e.g never used official animating programs)
also, i reallly like the first episodes, and the shaky style, and also the 'casual' ep.s.
Anyway, EPIC series and PLEASE CARRY ON!
p.s. why did you add the bubbles in their eyes?? i really like it when they didnt have them.... no pun intended....

Six years later, this movie still gets me emotional. By far my favorite of the series. The "wiggly" style, the short scenes that fade out, and ambigous plot that define this series, work perfectly to show a bad dream.

I emailed Dim about the song, he said "It was a band from my school, they don't exist anymore and that was the only song they recorded". Too bad...