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Reviews for "Another Day Seven"

so good and so sad

i love this seiers so sad and nice love the animation

This is the most beautiful flash ever.

SFB, you have found perfection with this piece. The music is beautiful and soothing, whilst the art and animation is smooth and beautiful. This flash makes me fell relaxed inside, so i watch it we i am stressed. Seriously dudes, if another day 8 is half as gd as this, I will love it.

P.S - Is it just me or does the singer sound like damien rice?

Thx :D

Cant get enough...

Can't get enough of that song... I sometimes just play it over a few times just to listen to it. Those guys are really talented.


So here the week ends! Another good episode, with more special effects than usual, worthy to be the ending, heh, and the audio title fits in well too, a bit contradicting, heh. Love it. Looking forward to more series like this! Keep it up!



iiiiiiiiiiiiiuw everything moved in that flash