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Reviews for "Another Day Seven"

Ridiculous (in a good way)

This is one of my favorite Another Day episodes. I'm always a huge fan of all things strange/unordinary. Despite the fact that many people didn't like this as much as other episodes in the context of the AD series, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The music added a lot to the cartoon as well. The animation (surprise, surprise) is outstanding. The story was great; dreams are always an interesting area.

Fantastic job!

Another amazing video

Wow, what a dream! This one is cool, I like it. ^.^ That looked like a cool dream, exceopt that you wander for what seems like forever. -.-


i think this one represents doubt and the struggle against it, personified by the grey figure chasing blue rabbit

i love the song as well =D

Awesome animation

Much improved since the first one!


One of the best yet. The animation is really smooth. Great work!