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Reviews for "Another Day Seven"

1 word: Wow.

That was truly amazing. It's a hard concept to understand, but I believe I've understood it. Creating something like this (which you have done) is trully amazing and extremly hard. I've had those type of dreams, and I can tell this one had about the same concept as a dream like this would have in the reality. I'm amazed. ^^ 10/10


dont you think they should be talking by now?


Great sense of the surreal dream world there and I love that song, very hazy rockesque. Obviously I'm biased because I love the series and the whole concept but am still fascinated by the number of people who don't get this - I guess its just a certain way of thinking thats got a love/hate thing going on....

Very Awesome!

This whole series is amazing thus simple, the song goes well with the video and I can't express myself more on how much I like it and believing that no one else would either. I'd only like to know where can I obtain the song, Biography by The Release, I tried google but end up no dice. Please help super flash bros!

Still as beautiful as ever.

I have not visited this series in quite some time. After watching this installment I feel I have done myself a grave disservice by staying away for so long.

For those new to Another Day, these movies are simple in concept, but broad in scope. The character designs and animation presentation combined with an always suitable accompanying song create a soul-enriching experience unlike any other. Any person with the slightest appreciation for life will find something in these movies which makes life worth living all the more.