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SOF Supernova 2035 DS

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Great game, my highest is 584622,

Always felt the original was one of the more underrated of Mausland's games but then I had no idea this version with much slicker presentation existed. Only 1 thing holds this game back from its full potential as a risk/reward-type arcade game and that's the gas can RNG, pretty much the only reason you'll ever lose is the game throwing you 2-3 screens in a row with no gas can which is way too long a stretch for how quick your fuel runs out. 2 things I think could've fixed this, either hardcoding the RNG to always spawn a gas can after every empty screen or better yet, since there's a level up mechanic in this version, make levelling up give you longer fuel time so you can keep the tension of having to run across multiple screens while making it a fairer build-up in challenge. Otherwise if this were like a $5 indie game with more content/polish I'd actually buy it.

Excellent! I'm guessing the track is from Initial D and the audio cues work well with both the gameplay and hype. With more polish and separate modes/maps I could see this being a kick ass mobile game. Impressive considering this was in before the mobile market.

I admitted that the layout was cool. Dang, I've played so many games, the Nintendo DS seems new to me. Anyway, what really makes this is the awesome music. It isn't changed from the last game, but it's so good it doesn't need to be. I admit it is a tad distracting with how the screen is so small. That's nothing expanding the game shouldn't fix.

I was amazed at how fast paced this was. It was fricking easy to run out of fuel in a few seconds, so you had to keep on going and going. The fire sounds are very nice too. The resolution looks a little strange. Thank you for having a game that makes you want to keep playing it.