Reviews for "SOF Supernova 2035 DS"

Very addictive & fast-paced

That was really fun. You have a nice idea with the DS and everything, but there are already enough games for DS that don't use the touch screen. We don't need another one! But what the hell it's still a very good game.


I liked how you would use the stylus and the hand would while you control the fire charecter, the music was good to, if this was released for the DS, I would buy it.


What do you put drugs in your flashes there so addictive?


One of Mausland's best!

...and that's saying a lot. Mausland's reputation for fast-paced, quirky, but awesome games (Aggressive Alpine Skiing, Indian Outlaw, etc.) is not tarnished by this game! Keep up the amazing work!


I haven't signed in here for a review in at least a year, this has to be the most incredible thing i've ever seen on newgrounds. The music doubles the fun, and actually makes me laugh, it fits with the game so well.

The concept is so incredibly simple, yet the speed and pure fun are just the things that make this.. simply incredible.