Reviews for "SOF Supernova 2035 DS"


streets of fire! man im going to have that stuck in my head all night long, good cuz the music kicked ass, along with the whole damn game, great remake with the DS addition very nice overall keep on pluggin. GO MAUSLAND

Excellent (very cliche' i know)

I said a boom chika boom! Man that was great my all-time favorite online game with the best loop ever. The whole game idea was great. This game was nothing less than the best.


Hectic Gameplay

Crazy Hectic and Fast-paced action makes this game feel like your at the arcade this game rocks!!! The Arcade style feel works awsome with the music! This game MUST be marketed It's Perfect i would love to have this for a console!

Streets on fi-a!

I love how catchy the music was, how fast paced the game was, and how addicted I got to it. Not to mention random, as well. Great freaking job, man. I'm sorry, I must bring this review to an end, so I can play this, some more.

can't stop ........

Playing this game!it is so awesome ,really fast-paced, really random too.the gameplay was cool really easy controls and good graphics.the music was pretty good too.keep making more of these games they are awesome.