Black Ninja opening test

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just a test. i want you guys to see how im doin. critique please.

PS: the final animation is gonna look much better than this

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Gotta Love Those Rotation Effects.

Some sweet action too... Can't wait till the real series comes out.

I already said it,

you have a serious potential about Frame by frame animation, i guarantee that a finished flash of yours would be awarded on the daily top 5 and on the weekly 10.
3.30 on score for a 20 sec long test,thats really good so take your time and make a 1> min long flash and i think it will be enough good to make at least front page

KenSkaii responds:

yea thanks. i am going to make a much longer flash than this. and plus, that was a test. the real thing is gonna look waaay better. so i hope youre still around when i release the film. feel free to IM me on AIM: crazypianist90


the test was alright, but nothing real exciting..... however, it does have some potential to be a pretty good animation once its completed. so, work hard on it and submit it when you can and we'll see how it does.

KenSkaii responds:

i am working hard. thanks for your opinion.

PS: by the way, I remember you. you reviewed my previous submissions.

wait to see the final product...

I think this is way too short, even for a test, you could have wait to strike with the first episode and then ....

"sorry that's all you got for the review. The review for the full production will be more awesome".

Joking but seriously Ng isn't made for test really...Nicely done but too short dude.

good luck for your project!

KenSkaii responds:

yea once i come out with the first episode, this will get deleted. but i just want to see how people would react to my work. thats all. thanks for the good luck


Loved the camera angles! Can't wait to see more. The piano didnt seem to "fit" to me, but that may just be me. Good stuff man.

KenSkaii responds:

the piano shouldnt fit. i mainly used the piano so you could hear the tune. in the final priduct, it wont be played by piano.

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3.06 / 5.00

Oct 14, 2005
11:35 PM EDT
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