Reviews for "Black Ninja opening test"

Looks promising ;)

i love frame-by-frame animation, especially when it pans all the way around someone. Amazing job. To improve for the actual release, clean up that sky/overhead shot. I know the style you're going for is colouring outside of the lines, but it looks kind of messy.


KenSkaii responds:

like i said, it was a test. and i put absolutely no effort into the drawings. dont worry. for the final product, you will see quality work. (well that depends on what you consider quality work)

interesting very interesting indeed

personaly i like the piano at the beginning but u should fade into a different style of more actiony music between flying girl and ninja dude

P.S. keep up the good work

KenSkaii responds:

i mainly put the piano in so you can merely hear the tune. (it was better than putting no sound at all)

Nice Anmatic...

What would definitely help in the final production is some more full-bodied music. The plain piano falls flat. I like the tune, but if you could fully orchestrate it, I think you'd get more of the impact you're looking for.

KenSkaii responds:

you WILL hear full bodied music in the final version. the piano sucks, but i want you guys o know at least what the theme sounds like


There was no nig ninja in there. The title is irrelevant and the whole thing just sucked my nuts over all. The 10 on humor was because it sucked my nuts so much that I found it funny.

KenSkaii responds:

um...its a test you idiot. wait for the real thing to come out so you know WHY i titled it black ninja. give some critique next time or you shouldnt comment at all, dummy


Poor choice of music. ITS TOO WIMPY

KenSkaii responds:

i hate it too. but i wouldnt like having people complain about no sound. and plus, thats not hot its gonna sound in the final version so you know