Reviews for "Black Ninja opening test"

Can't wait.

Maybe you coud turn the sound quality up a notch. The tinny sound kinda raked my nerves. Also, if it's going to be pretty violent all the way through, that's not violent music. I'm not saying change the music. Just letting you know what I think.

Other than that, great art (even if it will be better later) and good action. It looks like it's going to be great. I don't usually like these previews, but yours actually got me wanting to see the real thing.

KenSkaii responds:

ah the sound sucks. i hate it. but its what the theme is supposed to sound like. not that ots gonna be played on piano when you hear it in the final version.

Great flash but.....

just way to short, was hoping to see more.....

KenSkaii responds:

yeah, but i didnt want to put too much effort in a test. i just wanted to put enough so people can see just what i can do, and give me critique especially on the animation. cause i need those kind of comments

Too short.

Nice solid graphics. Good fight scene.

Gave it a 0/5 though because of shortness. Don't be offended if it gets blammed because it is way too short.

KenSkaii responds:

if it gets blammed, at least some people saw it. thats all i care. that people see it


it was ok but huh? you could at least make it longer!!!!!

KenSkaii responds:

sorry, i dont wanna put too much effort in a test (which will postpone the real thing) but dont worry, youll see the final thing soon


The only problem with this, is hmm, well its my problem really its the fact that i cant wait till you get the whole thing done, AMAZING!

KenSkaii responds: