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Daily2oon SE: ThreeStar

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Hey! Sorry if it's a little buggy.. I'll fix it later! Happy Daily Day to all! I hope you enjoy my Daily2oon SE, ThreeStar's Click and Pick Adventure. <3 <3

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A step back

Well the animation was alright.
But the gameplay was too simple.
And it wasn't a very good idea for a game.

ThreeStar responds:


good shyt

i think this was the funniest ss submission ever. what with the dying and all, that was perfect. you guys remind me of organization 13. if they were on acid

ThreeStar responds:

i don't know who that is but thanks!!


I lol'd

That was pretty fun. I remeber seeing this at the portal when you submitted it and I lol'd :) I like your drawings and the fact that no matter what you did, you died XD There is no point to this but the humor makes up for it :) Keep at it three <3 :D

ThreeStar responds:

Lmao this is so old but thanks for reviewing it anyway, kiddo.



^^Good Points^^
I thought that this game was pretty funny. I laughed at how no matter what you did you died...even going into the school, that is pretty funny stuff. The drawings weren't too bad, I liked the facial expressions you used and the voice overs were funny as well. Nice job.

^^Needs Improving^^
Umm...the backgrounds were kind of bland, could use some more details.

ThreeStar responds:

/me is lazy


ah yes

i true honor the to get the crap beat outa me with a stick by the queen of the portal. wat else do we live for?
can i vote 7 ...5 just isnt good enough for you anymore

ThreeStar responds:

the average "you're cool" review isn't good enough for you anymore either.

now you get the "that's sort of creepy" review.