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Reviews for "Daily2oon SE: ThreeStar"


the sudden unexpected endings make this funny but you should not leave it unfinished, the way i see this is like "this is funny and clever... argh but its incomplete >:( "

apart from that i think you have very good drawing skills and ideas, you should try making a more serious project sometime, something longer and with a bit more effort put into it, i mean i do like this, i love random silly stuff because its fun and good for quick laughs but that kind of thing is also easily forgotten, i think if you would sometime try making something more serious you could really make a very good movie.

the music was er... hmm... haha :P thanks for using it

ThreeStar responds:

Thanks, Ivan. You're so awesome.



Yay, best DailyDay entry..

Then I suppose ThreeStar has always been the best animator out of the SS...

ThreeStar responds:

That's very sweet of you. :3



I was wondering if about the missing star. I'm glad you fit New Orleans in there, and Skool. Very fun.

I think FiveStar's music was the best, or at least my favorite. <3

You rock, ThreeStar. <3

ThreeStar responds:

Haha, good to see you around here. ;P

Yeah, I didn't finish Two, Four, and Six's scenes. Oh well, who cares about even numbers anyway.

And about Five's song.. I actually had to ask him about that one, aparently "Soda Boy" doesn't mean a kid that likes to drink Cola. ;/



I had so much fun playing this. I love point n' click adventures, and I thought it was hilarious how often I ended up dying. It made me want to make my own adventure game.
The music went along with it very well too I think.
Is twostar in there somewhere or did you not get around to him?

ThreeStar responds:

TwoStar's in there, but there's no real way you can get to him unless you right click and hit play some time in the movie. You found SixStar though, right?


Awesome :P

Don't listen to that tankcorps bastard.

This was swell <3

I can't click on Sixstar when he's strapped to the rocket though :(
Fix this and the other bugs up and your a winner =D

ThreeStar responds:

You're not supposed to click on SixStar, rofl. I didn't finish.. I ran out of time! Will fix later, and I'll add the other stars and things later tooooo you know. :3

Thanks for the cool review,
<3 Three