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Reviews for "Daily2oon SE: ThreeStar"

fun game

aside from the unnecessary dying, this game is truly fun. FUN FUN FUN FUN

my high score is like 50672 but i swear i can't beat Sixstar, such a hard boss.


ThreeStar responds:

Lol. I liek yew. :3



at least its better than halo

ThreeStar responds:

That's not saying much.

Thanks anyway,
<3 Three


I was wondering if about the missing star. I'm glad you fit New Orleans in there, and Skool. Very fun.

I think FiveStar's music was the best, or at least my favorite. <3

You rock, ThreeStar. <3

ThreeStar responds:

Haha, good to see you around here. ;P

Yeah, I didn't finish Two, Four, and Six's scenes. Oh well, who cares about even numbers anyway.

And about Five's song.. I actually had to ask him about that one, aparently "Soda Boy" doesn't mean a kid that likes to drink Cola. ;/


ah yes

i true honor the to get the crap beat outa me with a stick by the queen of the portal. wat else do we live for?
can i vote 7 ...5 just isnt good enough for you anymore

ThreeStar responds:

the average "you're cool" review isn't good enough for you anymore either.

now you get the "that's sort of creepy" review.


good shyt

i think this was the funniest ss submission ever. what with the dying and all, that was perfect. you guys remind me of organization 13. if they were on acid

ThreeStar responds:

i don't know who that is but thanks!!