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Zelda Blues

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I know I didn't state this earlier, But I thought many were going to notice. I made this as a tribute to my fave artists, Super Flash Bros. So stop leaving bad reviews!
Currently I'm in need of jokes for the sequel, if you have any, E-mail me! dfblaze@gmail.com

*Upate* Thanks for the score Newgrounders! 25 K Views!? WHOA! Thanks!

Please view and review!

- Animation, Graphics and Artwork by Diego Veras
- Dull and Cheap Voice Acting by Diego Veras
- Little ActionScript that was needed, by Diego Veras.

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Really poor animation and graphics all around. Not a very good style in my opinion. This could have been improved 10 fold in that category.

The music was annoyingly loud in comparison to the voice acting. The voice acting was not only really bad, bit super low quality as well.

With all of that being said it added up to something that was basically impossible for me to follow. I had no clue as to what was happening and really see nothing entertaining in this piece at all.


it would be nearly perfect, but the voice acting was a bit annoyng. too much gaps between the lines and i wouldn't have understood half off it if it weren't for the subtitles. So 10 for the vid but -2 for the voice acting. But dont worry, on the important vote u still get 5/5 cuz i only vote the idea and quality of the vid itself, not the animation or voices.


This was funny and great i give it a clear 10
it deserves it oh the bg was funny ^-^

Blaze responds:

Thank you, sir. :)


Im sorry Link but I liked this flash.
Very funny with the hook shot.
Poor guy in the backround.
Over all very funny 9/10

Blaze responds:

Thank you for taking your time to review. :)

Not bad, but I like Zelda so.,..

10!!! GOOD JOB

Blaze responds:

thank you sir. :)