Zelda 2 || Temple Metal Techno

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It started out heavy metal, then turned techno. I think it's neat.

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An excellent heavy metal and techno themed Zelda 2 remix. The track all comes together into one great song.

Is it too late to listen to this now?


This is utterly amazing, and it makes me think of Portal 2 for some reason.
Love the upload, thanks for the awesomeness!

i imagine,

Luigi slowly dieing, cuz of bowser killing him, mario getting the idea of nothing he could do, bowser had 7 chaos emeralds, and a bleeding super star! mario was getting angry, he tried to kill bowser but bowser just laghued, mario was blown away by his armor of the chaos star (yes ill call it that.) mario is just stuck there thinking what will happen to his brother, kirby and link came to his aid, but it was no use, as soon as kirby inhaled bowser, kirby blew up and bowser crawled out of him, link slashed him, but his sword broke, so he ran off screaming (XD) well, then bowser killed luigi then mario after.

*jaw drops*

Seamless blend of two heavily contrasting genres into one ultimate MASTERPIECE!!