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Winchester 9/11 Tribute

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Author Comments

This is a short made because I wanted to make a little something expressing my thoughts about 9/11 tributes in general. This flash does not necisarrily reflect the opinions of the other members at locklegion(dot)com
PS: There is more stuff past the moon fade into.

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I remember and agree

I remember 9/11 as it where yesterday and I use it as a drive to prevent it from happening again I went to help in new orlands I applied 9/11 to it and helped as much as I could.

I agree with the guy below me.

I thought it was great. If you don't like it then don't insult the author. It's only you opinion.

I Don't Agree With The Guy Below.

Yeah, your right! we shouldn't let 9-11 put us down. Another great flash!


This is an insult to the US. Bradmov is right. 9/11 was the worst attack in US history, and that gives you the right to make fun of it? Katrina was bad, but at least that wasn't an unprovoked attack like 9/11 was. The deaths caused by Katrina were only because many people ignored the mandatory evacuation warnings.

WinchesterLock responds:

Seems you didn't wait to watch the commentary I made at the end. Also, I wasn't referring to the deaths from Katrina, I was referring to the massive rebuilding effort to get that region back on its feet, which to this day it still is not.

i have zero respect for this animator.

so let me get this straight... you find thousands of people dieing in multiple tragedies funny?

dude theres riske' , but thats just really retarded.

i just dont get how you possibly thought that was a good idea, surely there was a better topic in your head to make a flash movie about?.

thats greasy man. thats real greasy.

WinchesterLock responds:

Seems you missed the point of the comments at the end where I state that this flash was not to be taken literally but was to provoke thought about how it never hurts to be too prepared. Nearly 1 and a half years after I posted this and we still haven't caught Osama and New Orleans is still in horrid shape.