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Shout out to @travsaus for megaphone tankman!

FBF Randomness - Marinia

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Author Comments

The next installment of FBF Randomness with a color variation, blue. It's themed to the sea, hence the title Marinia.

This installment is relatively short, sorry about that. However I found the tune catchy enough that I just had to animate to it!

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Very blue

says it for itself... very bluey.... I guess thats all there is to say besides crazy! BLUE! im just going to talk randomly until my time from reviewing your other movie goes away.... blah blah

n00b-l0s3r responds:


((( DECENT )))

This was neat and decent work, i really liked the music, and the soft blue colors really looked cool, but i would suggest more stuff happening like maybe in the backround and such, and abit more blues aswell overall nice stuff...


n00b-l0s3r responds:

Hey thanks for that comment.

"Decent" - something I've never been hearing in months.

Well done ;}

Nice work there, now that you can do frame by frame with lines, put it into work and work on something much more detailed a prospective.. good luck ;}

n00b-l0s3r responds:

Sure thing. I'm working on a decent stick movie and there's FBF in it, so there :) Thanks.


Damn, I need to make another one soon. It's itching me so much it hurts. Well, at least I've committed to something: My FBF tutorial!

w00t w00t to another n00b_los3r FBF!

n00b-l0s3r responds:

Work on it!

You could have me join in working on the tutorial. After all, we're Portal Buddies :)

not a big fan

you know these fbf flash line shows do nothing for me. this seems like maybe something that you made to see if you are doing to at making something move from one side to the other with out jerking around.

these don't show much thought or for the matter talent either.

and you can go ahead and post that i have made no flash either because im still working on mine. maybe when i post it youcan do me the return favor and blam it too, it won't hurt my feeling.

n00b-l0s3r responds:

Wow. What kind of reciprocation would that be?

If you don't mind being blammed I'll blam EVERYTHING by you! Kidding :)

Be good. I'm working on something other than FBF.