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Reviews for "FBF Randomness - Marinia"


I know it was supposed to be artsy or whatever, but it just didn't do it for me. It was a nice try, though.

n00b-l0s3r responds:

Everyone's a critic.

Flash by Academie:
- none -

Lawl at that.

Nice try

The quality toogle doesn't work

n00b-l0s3r responds:

Stop bitching. It does work.


I rather watch stickmen or even clay than a freakin LINE. This new FBF line shit is getting annoying. That scene where you did a river was great, do more of that, not a fucking spinning line, oh wow, it spins, just like every other FBF line animation. It's like flash is de-evolving on newgrounds.

n00b-l0s3r responds:

Sorry, this just passed judgement.

grat work

if this was art i would try to ndrstand but this is flash so i try to apply the defintions and rules of art, plus the relations of flash to review this strange but yet compelling piece of flash.

Tell me, when you made this did you thnk how people would understand it, to me you are messing with our minds, what is it, why is it there but all i can say is it's looks fun to watch nd it relaxes me.

As for the graphics, they were rather crude but truth to be told I had a likeness for the stuff you were doing but next time increse the time you put into it, make the drawings more complicated. It will help you improve and push the boundraies of what you can do.

As for the sound the music calms me to my core, great mix of sound and drawing, like them going hand

next time you make a piece of flash i would love to help out.

Here is my email if you want someone to help you out BLASTER7897 @ hotmail. com

n00b-l0s3r responds:

I'd rather add you as a Portal Buddy.

*does so*

Thanks for the long but constructive review.


I dunno aye. Lines moving around. Im not sure if this will get blammed or not.

n00b-l0s3r responds:

Well I don't know either. Currently it's scoring above 2.0 so... yeah.