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Grave 3

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Ok, 1 shot with duel wield shotguns kills the chainsaw guy. And just wait to get the dinomite. Hope that helped.
UPDATE: Wow! Thank you so much Tom! Daily 2nd and frontpage!
Shoot up zombies in this exciting first person shooter. Duel wield with spacebar, switch weapons with the right and left arrow keys, and shoot with the mouse.
Please leave reviews, good and bad reviews are appreciated.

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Definitely better than the other Grave games! Interesting enemies, good gameplay, good guns, and good graphics.

But the only bad part of this game is that like Grave 2, it is too short. Even if it had just another 1 or 2 levels and it would have been 5 stars.

4 out of 5 stars!

while much better than the last game, the instructions aren't clear and whats with all the dead marines, whatever is killing them is never seen because the enemies kill you too quickly.

I think what turned me off the most about this was how the graphics weren't that good. I guess you might have been trying to look for something nostalgic, but it just ended up looking cheap. It still is actually a pretty good game. It's mostly because it's done in the style of those old Doom games. You get the sense that you're up close in the action. The designs aren't bad either.

I should have known not to shoot at the explosives. I have never known if they would explode in real life. Probably. There were a nice variety of enemies and I liked how there were humans in there as well. It made it harder to tell who to shoot.


died 1nce beat the boss in one try and when the bosses wings close up it sounds like a lightsaber

Awesome Game

Nice job. The monsters and shit were pretty cool. The chainsaw guy was an awesome addition to this game. The music at the end's quite good, liked it. One bit f criticism:improve the graphics.