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Reviews for "Grave 3"

Kinda stupid

You teach us how to use the guns, but dont replenish the ammo after the tutorial. I mean what if someone tried out all the guns and used alot of ammo? other than that good game.

i cant

good game but i cant get the chainsaw guy


good game but.....
the dude had 12 life left but now rounds of ammo !!!!!!!!
nice game make another

pretty fun

its a hard game i beat it with about only 50 pistol bullets left and 6 health


good job on the flash. a little glitchy here and there and the chainsaw guy took way 2 many shots 2 kill him it looked kind of laggy 2 me and also there should be health regens in the game no one could beat the last boss with under 20% heath which is what i always came up with. but other than those minor flaws great job!