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Reviews for "Grave 3"

thats it

needs to be longer and have more enimes

really fuckin nice ^-^

this game rocks passed it and really cool

not good

thid game was not funny to long loading time and it really sucks


this was a really great game it ran smooth the controls were good and I had a fun time playing it:)

Eh...could have been better.

Pistols seemed to be modelled after a mix of Perfect Dark's Mayan laser pistols, and Halo's pistol...minigun...can't remember which game that one is from. All guns seemed to be modelled after other game's guns. Though, they're nicely drawn.


Firing rate was a little too slow, not too much of a challenge...I liked how you could dual wield two different weapons at the same time. Gore effects were alright..much left to be desired though. Graphics as well. It's not complete shit but it ain' roses either. Potential skill.