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The REAL revenge.

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Thanks for checking out this interactive cartoon.

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I wrote a review of this... gem, the day after it was uploaded on May the 24th, year-of-our-load 2005. Nearly 9 years later to the day, it was deleted for reasons not at all clear to me. I choose now to reupload that review, late teen sensibilities intact, for posterity.

-How this got onto the front page I will never know. Must be a lot more people who are still taken in by crude, pointless humor than I had feared. Put some heart into your works, they reflect your character.

I've been looking for this for 12 years. I saw it on accident while stumbling around the internet as a kid and could never remember what it was called or where I saw it. I'm crying right now

good game

A fun game

Haha ok this was funny as hell, i couldnt stop myself just clicking away at the buttons, mainly the one with the thing dropping on the plate haha, they are all somewhat sick, but it was overall a funny game, tobad there is not more buttons though

Some more options and buttons to ad onto this


Well, it's just nothing but Darth Maul crapping over and over. I guess the crap has some variety. It just doesn't do much for me. Half the time he seems constipated. What did this have to do with "Revenge Of The Sith"? Darth Maul wasn't in that.

This had revenge in its title. I assume it had something to do with that movie. This was just pointless. I guess the animation wasn't bad. It's crappy.