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Reviews for "The REAL revenge."

i just puked i was eating my food while playing this oh GOD

I voted one.

Just because this game actually does make poop look good. But not in a bad way honestly. I think it's really dumb and gross but good for a quick laugh. It's not meant to be some amazing mind blowing flash it's meant to gross you out and make you giggle. Which this does quite well.

give the dude a break

the animation ain't bad and there is creativity 10/10 for shitness!


this is funny don't know why it's such a low score if you click the 4th button again and again it looks wrong XD. But overall the game is completely boring so i'm giving it a 2


Immature humor set for a low rate childs cartoon. Perhaps the wrong site for this? To each their own in a sense for entertainment but I just can't find it in this one.