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Reviews for "The REAL revenge."


Some things just never get old. Yes, it's immature, yes, it has no real sophistication. However... sometimes a joke just doesn't need those things to be funny. Despite the gross factor, I still come back to watch this one every now and then for a lift. After all, not everyone can be expected to produce Jay Leno quality material with EVERY submission. Lighten up, HeavenCookie.


lol that was funny but wont he get hurt when he hasbspikes on his boo lol =)) ^^

it was ok..

I thought it was funny but I didn't exactly get it...

It's empty...

Nothing is in this animation, it's just a cheap empty pathetic joke on SW.

The "funny side" of taking a dump is just sad, and unless you're 7 years old,
I'm seriously worried for you.

I feel compelled to give a 2 for the quality of the animation. It was OK, nothing else.


That was really disturbing... Turd of the week could never be more correct for this particular topic.