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Reviews for "The REAL revenge."


lightsaber poop


but short

XD wow

he suck it back in


I didn't understand the point of it......
At least its not horrible in my opinion.

Lol. xD

It was funny, yes. And I'll have to agree, some things never get old.

"HeavenCookie", there's no such thing as immature. Immature is a word, words are manmade, along with immaturity. If it's not natural, then it's not real. Metaphorically speaking, that is. You don't need to be mature to think this isn't funny. There could be some 7-year-old saying, "THIS IS ****!" right now. There could be a married man who has the perfect mature job laughing right now at this. Everything varies, not depending on maturity, but depending on acts. Think of that next time you judge something by immaturity.

~Tails Turrosaki