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Rise of the MK: Part 4

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The final movie in the series. Mario gains access to Wart's castle. And seeks revenge for what he has done.

Can you find all the Easter Eggs? (Visit the secrets page to reveal them. Button is at the end of the movie.)

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The last and finale of the animation movie, glad that the good times with old newgrounds were still here. My 2000s memories may slowly fade, I'll never give up my NG memories by visiting NG from now on as a registered lurker.

This flash film had three masterpieces to compete with, and it succeeded!

Wart farts every time!!!! I like the sound effect of the fart!!!

My childhood in one long flash movie. I'll never forget about how I cried in several scenes or how almost every melody in the series got stuck in my head more than once.
May you rest in peace, Randy. And may this submission still hold up for years to come.
Also, note how he predicted Mario Oddisey.

This still holds up very well even after almost 13 years. I still remember the first time I watched these I cried during several scenes.
A question that I still have though is what is the name of the first song playing in the hidden temple scene?