Reviews for "Rise of the MK: Part 4"

I never saw so great video!!!!!

This is a fantastic video that's ever made!

This is an epic conclusion that you ever created, Randy! I mean, it mostly focuses on Mario who is determined to get his revenge on Wart for killing his dear brother, Luigi. My favorite part of this movie was that a revived Luigi sved Mario from certain death and they teamed up with each other to take Wart down. This is a highly-anticipated episode of "Rise of the MK" that you made for Newgrounds. Thank you very much!


An epic conclusion to the Rise of the Mushroom Kingdom series!

chorei na serie

buaaa q triste

It doesn't get better than this

This series was pretty much the ultimate Mario parody and the best one in the collection even after all these years. It has the perfect balance of humor and legitimate emotion that you feel for the characters. The plot was flat out amazing from start to finish throughout all four episodes and the final battle and conclusion were top notch! Good job, 10/10 and 5/5, obviously.