Reviews for "Rise of the MK: Part 4"

Easter eggs:
Zoom in on the sign in front of the pyramid. it has a pic of birdo and next to it, it says "Stop stealing sprites and Go f**k yourself Randy You Douchebag."
and also before that is another sign with birdo saying "What kind of a Jerk-Off wouldn't put ME in A Mario 2 Movie?"
When Mario enters the temple theres an 8-bit DK head as a hieroglyph on the right column, on the left column is some rabbit cartoon thing
just a few things i noticed LOL XD

get that wart mario show what you're made of

i used to have SMB2 and those masks scared the crap out of me when i took the keys...
Enemy thoughts aside, great flash Randy! one of my favorite Mario flash series' next to Power Star and SMBZ. I would rate 5 but my computer is sucky and isnt letting me (i dont think)

Wart has the ugliest ass I've ever seen!

Great series of movies and animations
but i dont understand why peach didnt give mario a green mushroom in part 1