The Bounce

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It's a nice simple game that we hope you can have fun with - we hope you enjoy it.
BBQ and I(monkokio) decided to take a quick break and challenge ourselves by making a game in only 6 hours during 1 sitting. We ended up going a little over, and that cut right into my sleep time

the song is called Waltz in Blue by Jean-Jacques Burnel



That was quite fum i must say, and very well done.


It brings that little cartoon show, Madeline, to mind.

Thought it was kind of relaxing, and the music realy fit in well with the game. Just add some more music, since it doesnt seem to have anymore after that first song. Also, it should be more dificult as the game goes on. Maybe making each bound faster.

Aside from that, its good.

Simple but fun

The only promblem I had with this game is that it is too short. My score was 124.

Run of the mill, No difficulty

THe graphics give it a Paper mario-ish feel to it, and I guess witht his game it works. You should incorporate some kinda Musci off option, because I'm not a big fan of French. Other than that, the game was easy, a bit too easy. An alright submission

great game!!!

simple yet really fun!
the graphics are really good, nice and smooth
the style is great love this game.. though i recon it would become tirsome after a short while.
the music fits in really well with the style of the game
interactivity isn't too great... using left and right keys only.. maybe add powerups like slowmotion jump or higher jump etc
humor.... the music just mad me chuckle

overall... good stuff

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4.18 / 5.00

Feb 26, 2005
3:39 AM EST
Skill - Collect