Reviews for "The Bounce"


Its just like one of those odd cartoons, except its actually a game. Its really nice when the camel ends up on the moon for some reason. Nice and relaxing. The effects an animation are pretty good too. Simple but amazing whan you can achieve in a few hours..


It was actually very good despite the simplicity. One question though. Why is it a giraffe?

Thank god im french :P

Finally a game that finally has something french!

Cute Little Game.

I really liked the music. The concept could have been a tad longer and a tad more difficult. I found the name of the song for all of you curious people: Waltz In Blue by Jean-Jacques Burnel. Good job! :)

Fun Game!

I wish it was longer. Relaxing, fun game. Perfect for non-gamers, old farts, and small children. Thanks!