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Reviews for "The Bounce"


It's a quick time waster game :P
There's a slight bug before you go to the moon, you stay stuck for a while.

lol haha

gj man, great game, the music made it funny, and the whole concept is hilarious! when i got really high it froze for some reason tho, i think it's cuz i got so low on the screen it froze or somethin i dunno...but overall great idea, great solid code, and great animation!

monkokio responds:

We fixed that thing on the end, Thanx for the review


It could use more levels more varibles and easier ability to heal. The Gravity was nice not realalistic but nice. All together fluid though...And thats what counts..

Awesome game

I just have a good hour of fun playing this game... it's so simple, yet addicting.


This was very original and relaxing. Kinda gave you this feel good feeling like nothing matters.