Reviews for "The Bounce"


That was a pretty good game but I was stunned by ur choice of music.


This is not only one of the most well made flashes that I've ever seen, it is definitley the best game.

Stress be-gone!!!!

Ive been doing assignments for the last few days strait and i have 2 due tomorow, but I desided to relieve some stress from the work load. This game took it all a way, somehow. Very simple yet relieves tention like no other game ive seen before. Too hell with psychologists.

Nice and neat

Nothing ground breaking just a simple 'hit stuff and dodge other things' type game :D It was fun for a while but after I got about 80 and still had full health I got a little bored, nonetheless it was a great game

Nice Job!

Great game, simple yet elegant. The Graphics are pleasing and the song is very soothing. I can play this all day.